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i want a bf.
a ben fankhauser.

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When you’re with your friends and you hear a Disney song.

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gUYS I made my FIRst GIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!

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Here’s a selfie for the look-a-like, casting, ship thing
Disney Look A Like:
Nancy from Enchanted OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Molly from Peter and the Starcatcher!!!

Broadway Star Shipping:
JEREMY JORDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for your submission fangirling-broadway!!!
Submit a Selfie (and name if you want a ship name) HERE for a Disney Look A Like, Casting, and/or a Broadway Shipping!!!(MBF)
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lollyobriens asked: Hahahaha actually they're tears because Andy Mientus is too adorable to exist omg

Okay yeah then that’s totally okay because I agree 1000000000000000% 

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perfectfornatalie asked: Hi my name is Jamie, my favourite colour is green, my favourite musical is [title of show] and my favourite ice cream is cotton candy since I'm secretly a child. I have a fat black cat named Kikki and a random fact about me is one time I won jackpot at a game in an arcade and used the tickets to buy a lava lamp.

Hi there Jamie! Lmao you’re so lucky! I’ve always wanted to get a “bigger than the counter prize”!!! When I went to chuck e cheese I would get the sucky paper bracelets and like the dried out nail polish and maybe a few rolls of smarties if I had enough tickets. 😂

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